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TIPS and Global Economic Governance Africa are hosting a Development Dialogue on Borders in Southern Africa - Unlocking an Economic Development Opportunity. For more information and details of how to register go to  Development Dialogue. 
The bulletin is a review of quarterly trends, developments and data in the real economy, together with analysis of the main manufacturing industries. Additional notes in this issue are on Challenges around the GDP data for the first quarter 2018, Map to a Million - what's the map to a million about? and Desalination - panacea of peril for South Africa? See The Real Economy Bulletin - First Quarter 2018.
The second edition of the Industrial Policy for Policy Makers (IPPM) training programme takes place in September 2018, alongside the annual African Programme on Rethinking Development Economics (APORDE). Senior government officials in SADC countries working in economic ministries and departments who are proficient in English are invited to apply. Applications close on Friday 27 July 2018. More details available here.
This Development Dialogue seminar considered different aspects of the corporate landscape and its impact on the economy. For more information and copies of presentations go to Corporate ownership in South Africa. 
The Manufacturing Circle Investment Tracker (MCIT) is a quarterly index tracking investment spending in the manufacturing sector. Findings for Q4 2017 are now available.  See MCIT Q4 2017. Or read online.
TIPS and the Green Economy Coalition (GEC) hosted a Development Dialogue on Electricy Beyond the Grid on February 22. For more information and copies of the presentations go to Development Dialogue. Presenters: Gaylor Montmasson-Clair and Bhavna Deonarain (TIPS); Louise Scholtz (WWF-SA);Tasneem Essop (representing EDI); Julie Wells and Ndivhuho Raphulu (NCPC-SA)Julie Wells
The first TIPS Development Dialogue seminar of the year on Urbanisation and Industrialisation was held on Thursday 18 January. For more information and copies of the presentations go to Development Dialogue. Presenters: Shirley Robinson and Roland Hunter (Cities Support Programme), Christopher Wood and Asanda Fotoyi (TIPS), Rob Davies (representing IFPRI) and  Neva Makgetla and Mbongeni Ndlovu (TIPS).
TIPS Annual Forum 2018 will be held on June 6-7 in Johannesburg. The theme is Finance and Industrial Development. People wishing to contribute papers are invited to submit their title and abstracts of up to 500 words. The closing date for submissions is 31 January 2018. For details on how to make a submission and the focus of the topics see Tips Forum 2018.
This TIPS Development Dialogue Colloquium was held in Pretoria on 24 October 2017. For more information and copies of the presentations go to Development Dialogue. 
This edition of The Real Economy Bulletin reviews the state of small business in South Africa and its evolution over the past decade. It also looks at proposals around the definition of small business and regulatory obstacles and burdens arising from national legislation. To download a copy go The state of small business in South Africa.
Friday, 26 May 2017

TIPS Annual Forum 2017

The theme of the TIPS Annual Forum 2017 was Industrialisation and Sustainable Growth - see View programme: Annual Forum 2017 Programme. View Photo Gallery. Get copies of the papers and presentations.