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Useful websites on agriculture




General overview of agricultural commodities: Trends / Prices / Consumption/Production


Production, Consumption, Prices on a range of commodities

FAO/Global Perspectives

Futurist Research: Long-run trends with regard to commodities, consumption and market structure


Detailed reports on the size, shape and structure of markets


Production, supply, and distribution of agricultural commodities for the United States and major importing and exporting countries.


Market (defined as a country) information for a particular product The GAIN reports are very useful, providing ‘on-the-ground’ market information.  To access these reports, use the general search engine on the FAS site and type "GAIN"

International Food Policy Research Institute

Agricultural policies to alleviate poverty

Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development

Research papers

International Fund for Agricultural Development

Promoting small scale agriculture

Food and Agricultural Policy Research Unit

Commodities and elasticities database

International Centre for Tropical Agriculture

Case studies about improving small scale farmers' agricultural techniques


Large databank of peer-reviewed papers (350,000)

Agricultural Issues Centre

Commodity information


Information about value-added agriculture. 

Agricultural Research for Developing Countries

Sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.

National Resources Institute

Small scale agriculture / Creating sustainable activities for small scale farmers

The World Vegetable Centre

Improving small-scale farmers activities throughout the value-chain

CGIAR Virtual Library: A New Online Resource for Agricultural Development Professionals.

 The CGIAR Virtual Library  is an internet gateway that allows agriculture and development specialists to search an interdisciplinary array of leading databases on agriculture, food policy and the environment.  It enables users to retrieve thousands of full-text documents, abstracts or references from the online libraries of the CGIAR research centres and over 160 other databases. 

Useful papers on general agriculture themes



Demand for Food Quantity and Quality in China

Fred Gale and Kuo Huang

China: A Study of Dynamic Growth

Mathew Shane and Fred Gale

New Directions in China's Agricultural Lending

Fred Gale and Robert Collender

Where Will Demographics Take the Asia-Pacific Food System?

Walter J. Armbruster, Brad Gilmour

Recent Agricultural Policy Reforms in North America

Steven Zahniser, Ed Young, and John Wainio

The future role of bio-fuels (Asia)

Are Poor, Remote Areas Left Behind in Agricultural Development: The case of Tanzania

Nicholas Minot

Market Institutions: Enhancing the Value of Rural-Urban Links

Shyamal Chowdhury; Asfaw Negassa; and Maximo Torero

The Dragon and the Elephant: Agricultural and Rural Reforms in China and India.

Ashok Gulati, Shenggen Fan and Sara Dalafi. September 2005.

Globalization and the Smallholders: A Review of Issues, Approaches, and Implications

Sudha Narayanan and Ashok Gulati

Successes in African Agriculture: Results of an Expert Survey

Eleni Z. Gabre-Madhin and Steven Haggblade

Managing Price Volatility in an Open Economy Environment: The Case of Edible Oils and Oilseeds in India

P. V. Srinivasan

The Promises and Challenges of Biofuels for the Poor in Developing Countries

Joachim von Braun and R. K. Pachauri

Lessons Learned from the Dragon (China) and the Elephant (India)

Joachim von Braun, Ashok Gulati, et al

Changing Diets in China's Cities: Empirical Fact or Urban Legend?

Fengxia Dong, Frank H. Fuller

Analysis of the Link between Ethanol, Energy, and Crop Markets

Simla Tokgoz, Amani Elobeid

Market Institutions Enhancing the Value of Rural-Urban Links

Shyamal Chowdhury; Asfaw Negassa; and Maximo Torero

New Directions in China's Agricultural Lending

Fred Gale and Robert Collender

China's Rising Fruit and Vegetable Exports Challenge U.S. Industries

Sophia Huang and Fred Gale

Non-tariff barriers



International Trade and Food Safety: Economic Theory and Case Studies

Jean C. Buzby, editor

Non-Tariff Barriers

John C. Beghin

China’s New Farm Subsidies

Fred Gale, Bryan Lohmar, and Francis Tuan

 Global food consumption patterns



Changing Structure of Global Food Consumption and Trade

Anita Regmi

U.S. and EU Consumption Comparisons

Lorraine Mitchell

Religion, Religiosity, and the Consumption of Timesaving Foods

Amir Heiman, Bruce McWilliams, and David Zilberman

Commercialization of Food Consumption in Rural China

Fred Gale, Ping Tang, Xianhong Bai, and Huijun Xu

Demand for Food Quantity and Quality in China

Fred Gale and Kuo Huang

Food markets



New Directions in Global Food Markets

Anita Regmi and Mark Gehlhar

The Rapid Rise of Supermarkets?

W. Bruce Traill

The U.S. Food Marketing System, 2002

J. Michael Harris, Phil Kaufman, Steve Martinez, and Charlene Price

Trade agreements, focusing on agriculture



U.S. Agriculture and the Free Trade Area of the Americas

Mary E. Burfisher (editor)

Trade Among Unequal Partners

Gene Hasha

EU Enlargement: Implications for New Member Countries, the United States, and World Trade

Nancy Cochrane and Ralph Seeley

North America Moves Toward One Market

Steven Zahniser

NAFTA at 11: The Growing Integration of North American Agriculture

Steven Zahniser, editor

Agricultural Trade Preferences and the Developing Countries

John Wainio, Shahla Shapouri,Michael Trueblood, and Paul Gibson05

Impact of the European Enlargement and Common Agricultural Policy Reforms on Agricultural Markets: Much Ado about Nothing?

Jacinto F. Fabiosa, John C. Beghin, Fengxia Dong, Amani Elobeid, Frank H. Fuller, Holger Matthey, Simla Tokgoz, Eric Wailes

Global value chains



Vertical co-ordination in high-value commodities: Implications for smallholders

Pratap S. Birthal, P.K. Joshi, and Ashok Gulati

Agricultural Diversification in India and Role of Urbanization

P. Parthasarathy Rao, P.S. Birthal, P.K. Joshi and D. Kar

Domestic Support to Agriculture in the European Union and the United States: Policy Developments Since 1996

Gopinath, Kathleen Mullen, and Ashok Gulati

Vertical Coordination in High-Value Food Commodities: Implications for Smallholders

Pratap S. Birthal1, P. K. Joshi2 and Ashok Gulati2

Market access



Market Access for High-Value Foods

Anita Regmi, Mark Gehlhar, John Wainio, Thomas Vollrath, Paul Johnston, and Nitin Kathuria

Agricultural Trade Preferences and the Developing Countries

By John Wainio, Shahla Shapouri, Michael Trueblood, and Paul Gibson

Tell Me Where It Hurts, An' I'll Tell You Who to Call: Industrialized Countries' Agricultural Policies and Developing Countries

Xinshen Diao, Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla, Sherman Robinson, and David Orden

Rethinking Agricultural Domestic Support under the World Trade Organization

Chad E. Hart, John C. Beghin

Global Agricultural Liberalization: An In-Depth Assessment of What Is At Stake

Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, John C. Beghin




Are Horticultural Exports a Replicable Success Story? Evidence from Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire

Nicholas Minot and Margaret Ngigi

Horticulture for Poverty Alleviation -- The Unfunded Revolution

K. Weinberger and T.A. Lumpkin. 2005.

Regulatory Barriers in International Horticultural Markets

Donna Roberts and Barry Krissoff

Assessing the Competitiveness of the Horticultural Sector in the Beira Corridor


The Growth and Development of the Horticultural Sector  in Zimbabwe

Stanley T Heri