Book launch: The politics of trade in the era of hyperglobalisation - A Southern African perspective

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The Politics of Trade in the Era of Hyperglobalisation
A Southern African Perspective

Rob Davies
Friday 28 February 2020: 14:00 - 16:15

From 13:30 Arrival and coffee / tea
14:00 - 14:00 Opening and welcome by chairperson: Dr Faizel Ismail
14:15 - 15:15 Presentation by Dr Rob Davies
15:15 - 15:45 Discussants: Ambassador Xavier Carim and Sanusha Naidu
15:45 - 16:15 Discussion
16:15 Closure and light snacks
Copies of the book will be on sale after the launch


The outcomes of trade negotiations have never been shaped by rational considerations of relative advantage alone - whether comparative or competitive. Struggle and competition have always profoundly affected trade outcomes. This book presents an analysis of the political economy of trade negotiations over the past quarter century on two main fronts: the multi-lateral and those pertaining to regional integration on the African continent. The book covers the evolution of the multi-lateral trading system, the rise of the World Trade Organization, the impact and outcomes of the global economic crisis, to the current crisis of multi-lateralism. The second part of the book focuses on regional integration in Africa as a tool for industrialisation and development.

About the Speakers

Rob Davies: Dr Rob Davies has been involved in international trade and regional integration for over 25 years, as the former Minister of Trade and Industry, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, and as a member of the parliamentary portfolio committee on trade and industry.

Faizel Ismail: Dr Faizel Ismail is the Director of the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance at UCT, a Professor at the UCT School of Economics, and a TIPS Research Associate. He has previously been an advisor to the Department of Trade and Industry on International Trade and Special Envoy on the African Growth and Opportunity Act, and served as the Ambassador Permanent Representative of South Africa to the WTO (2010-2014).

Xavier Carim: Ambassador Xavier Carim is the Deputy Director General responsible for the International Trade and Economic Development Division at the Department of Trade and Industry. He was previously the former South African Permanent Representative of South Africa to the WTO.

Sanusha Naidu: Sanusha Naidu is a foreign policy specialist based with the Institute for Global Dialogue. She has previously worked for the Open Society Foundation and Fahamu, and is widely published on Africa's foreign policy.

Date: Friday 28 February 2020
Time: 14h00 - 16h15
Venue: TIPS Boardroom, 234 Lange Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria
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