Capital equipment 2021


Capital equipment comprises machinery and equipment used in production. While it does not equate to a standard statistical category, it mainly falls under machinery and electrical equipment. Machinery refers to the production of machine tools, engines, pumps, handling equipment, armaments and similar complex equipment; electrical machinery covers electric motors, transformers, cables and lights. These categories exclude transport equipment, appliances and precision equipment, for instance for medical use. However, the line between these equipment classes has become increasingly blurred as digital controls grow in importance. South African capital equipment manufacturers mainly produce for mining, construction, electric power generation and distribution (including renewables), and food processing.

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Other subsector notes

Basic chemicals and pretroleum


Clothing, footwear, leather and textiles

Electronics and appliances

Food processing

Furniture and manufacturing activities not elsewhere classified

Glass and non-metalic minerals

Metal and metal products

Other chemicals, rubber and plastics

Printing and publishing

Transport equipment

Wood and paper