REB Special Edition - The State of Small Business in South Africa 2019

This edition of The Real Economy Bulletin is the second edition of the State of Small Business published by TIPS. It includes a review of trends in small business according to national data looking at small business by the numbers; how many small businesses are there?; employment and earnings; contribution to the GDP; small business by sector; profitability and earnings; assets and liabilities; education levels; ownership by race and gender; and the geography of small business.

The two briefing notes look at learnings from efforts to support small business in South Africa from Kate Philip’s new book, Markets on the Margins, and a summary of the main initiatives for small business in the Job Summit Framework Agreement.

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Full Bulletin: The State of Small Business in South Africa

Briefing Note: Markets on the margin: Lessons for today

Briefing Note: Small business in the Job Summit

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