Annual Forum Papers

  • Year 2017
  • Organisation Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town
  • Author(s) T Caetano; B Merven; F Hartley; F Ahjum
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
Session 6: Towards a sustainable transport sector "

  • Year 2015
  • Organisation Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development, University of Johannesburg
  • Author(s) Simon Roberts; Thando Vilakazi;
  • Countries and Regions Malawi, Zambia
Session 8: Agricultural value chains in the region Fertiliser is a key input for commercial agriculture. However, there is generally low fertiliser use in Sub-Saharan Africa and hardly any production of fertiliser in countries in Southern and East Africa, aside from South Africa. Studies have emphasised the importance of transport costs in the…"

  • Year 2003
  • Organisation SATRN
  • Author(s) Gape Kaboyakgosi
  • Countries and Regions Botswana
In this report we make an assessment of the transport sector in Botswana by analyzing policy and performance in the air and road transport sectors. The study had several other objectives among which was to identify reform needs for the two sectors, facilitate ease of comparison among SADC countries and assist policy makers…"

  • Year 2003
  • Author(s) E. Teljeur
  • Countries and Regions South Africa

  • Year 2002
  • Author(s) Mihalis Chasomeris
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
South Africa is a major sea trading nation with a relatively open economy that accounts for approximately six per cent of real world seatrade. This performance places South Africa within the top 12 international maritime trading nations. The literature reviewed clearly shows the importance of maritime transport costs and their ability to significantly…"

  • Year 2000
  • Organisation TIPS
  • Author(s) Willem Naude
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
This document has been prepared for the Trade and Industrial Policy Secretariat (TIPS) in light of the imperative for South Africa to prepare its negotiating mandate at the discussions around the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) that commences in the year 2000. The GATS was negotiated during…"