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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Trade and Industry Monitor Volume 28: Unlocking the Benefits of Trade Policy

This edition of the Trade and Industry Monitor features an article on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) by Ron Sandrey (economic research co-ordinator at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), and a piece on the failed WTO talks in Cancun by Bernard Hoekman of the World Bank .

The complete list of articles includes:

  • Mmatlou Kalaba
    SA Trade at a Glance
  • Stephen Hanival
    Unlocking the Benefits of Trade Policy
  • Ron Sandrey
    NTMs: The Bigger Picture for SA and Southern Africa
  • Myriam Velia & Imraan Valodia
    KZN Trade with the Rest of the WorldPost-1994: Emerging Trends
  • Rob Davies & Dirk van Seventer
    Is the Public Sector Crowding out an Appropriate Analytical Framework for the Liberalising Economy of SA?
  • Dipak Mazumdar & Dirk van Seventer
    The SMME Sector: A Real Wage Rate Growth for SA Manufacturing by Size Class: 1972-1996
  • Bernard Hoekman
    WTO Watch: Canc�Ã�ƒ�Â�ºn: Crisis or Catharsis
  • Dirk van Seventer & Donald Onyango
    Exchange Rate Appreciation and Non-gold Exports: A Mixed View
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