Trade and Industry

  • Year 2017
  • Organisation University of Cape Town
  • Author(s) Faaiqa Hartley; Tara Caetano; Reza C Daniels
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
Session 6: Towards a sustainable transport sector "

  • Year 2017
  • Author(s) Sithembiso Mtanga, TIPS Senior Researcher
South Africa’s motorcycle industry is waning while other emerging markets are expanding their production activity, usage and trade performance, and are developing integrated value chains for motorcycles. South Africa is a net importer of motorcycles and imports have been declining for the past five years. No local manufacturing is taking place and the…"
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  • Date Wednesday, 02 November 2016
  • Venue TIPS Boardroom, 234 Lange St, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria
  • Main Speakers Alec Erwin, Ubu Holdings and Sithembiso Mtanga (TIPS)
BUILDING A VALUE CHAIN FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY IN AFRICA The Nigerian Market for automobiles is substantial and can readily sustain an automobile industry. In 2012, the country imported about $4 billion worth of automobiles of which about two thirds were pre-owned. Estimated annualdemand for vehicles is over half a million made up…"
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  • Year 2015
  • Organisation Professsor Anthony Black, Tom McLennan (School of Ecoomics, University of Cape Town)
  • Author(s) Anthony Black; Tom McLennan
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
Session 1: Regional manufacturing and industrial policy 1 Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) remains one of the last frontiers for automotive production. This seemed a distant prospect in the lost decades of the 80s and 90s. But since 2000, SSA has been one of the world's fastest growing regions and over the next five years…"

  • Year 2009
  • Organisation TIPS
  • Author(s) M. Nyambe, J. , Walubita, B. and du Plessis, C
  • Countries and Regions Namibia
In the era of globalisation, there is widespread recognition that knowledge-based industries have become a significant contributor to economic growth and development. To be internationally competitive in a global economy requires the creation of distinctive assets such as knowledge, skills, innovation and creativity. Knowledge has become an internationally recognized factor of production with…"

  • Year 2008
  • Author(s) Myriam Velia;Cornel van Bastern;Arthur Dykes
  • Countries and Regions Mozambique
In this report, the meaning of liberalisation in the air transport sector is discussed and the difference between deregulation and liberalisation is highlighted. Liberalisation entails a progressive opening up of a market with state control enacted over the process, while some amount of regulation may be required to ensure that market forces operate…"

  • Year 2005
  • Author(s) Frank Flatters
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
The Motor Industry Development Program (MIDP) is widely regarded as a major success of South Africa's post-apartheid trade and industrial policies. The program was introduced in 1995, has been modified and/or extended several times, and is currently scheduled to continue until 2012. A DTI-funded review, the third since the programs inception, is now…"
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  • Year 2005
  • Author(s) Karl Venter; Richard Goode
Improving commuter rail service delivery is a high-priority programme of the Department of Transport (DOT). Faced with a failing business, the DOT has launched a reform programme for commuter rail, foreseeing increased public investment and possibly an extended role for the private sector. The object of this working paper is to contribute to…"

  • Year 2005
  • Author(s) Moses Sichei, Jean Luc Erero and Tewodros Gebreselassie
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
The study applies an augmented gravity equation to South Africa's exports of motor vehicles, parts & accessories (SIC 381-383) to 76 countries over the period 1994 to 2003. The study employs a dynamic panel data model to estimate long-run and short-run coefficients. First, it is shown that it takes about 16 months for…"

  • Year 2004
  • Organisation TIPS
  • Author(s) Justin Barnes; Anthony Black
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
This strategy document endeavours to analyse the South African automotive assembly and components industry's major market and production trends and dynamics as a mechanism for identifying current industry constraints and opportunities/challenges. It is comprised of six sections. Section 1 provides an overview of the sector's major trends as gleaned from TIPS data, whilst…"

  • Year 2003
  • Author(s) Mike Morris; Raphael Kaplinsky; Justin Barnes
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
Mainstream economics and the Washington Consensus caution against industrial policies that target sectors, firms and regions. At the most they favour cross-sectoral policies which address generalised market failures. This paper analyses the success of an industry-specific policy, South Africa's Motor Industry Development Programme. It documents significant learning processes and shows the impact of…"

  • Year 2002
  • Author(s) Rosanna Achterberg; Trudi Hartzenberg
The study provides a general overview of current issues in the South African Distribution Sector. It is restricted to focussing on three industries namely, pharmaceutical distribution, distribution in the food industry and distribution in the automotive industry. In examining the behaviour of SA retail pharmacies it becomes apparent that retailers have attempted to…"

  • Year 2002
  • Author(s) Anthony Black; Shannon Mitchell
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
The paper first outlines the history of industrial and trade policy in the industry. It highlights the significance of the transition from import-substitution policies to export promotion policies. It then provides an analytic exposition of the welfare costs and benefits of the current export complementation programme. We find that: The current policy creates…"

  • Year 2002
  • Author(s) Anthony Black
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
Developments in the automotive industry have received considerable positive publicity over the last few years. Firstly, and most importantly, this is a consequence of rapid export expansion, initially of components, but latterly also of vehicles. Recently, for example, Toyota announced a R3.5 billion investment programme partly to provide for the export of Corollas…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation University of Natal, Durban
  • Author(s) Sagren Moodley;Mike Morris;Justin Barnes
The 'new economy' remains an ambiguous concept which means different things to different people (see, for example, Cohen et al. 2000; OECD, 2000a, b; Shapiro and Varian, 1999). We argue that the notion of a 'new economy' is closely tied to the economic transformations which are powered by the development and diffusion of…"