Trade and Industry

Sunday, 15 June 2003

Botswana Telecommunications Services

  • Year: 2003
  • Organisation: SATRN
  • Author(s): Monnane Monnane
  • Countries and Regions: Botswana

The Botswana telecommunications sector is made of four major stakeholders. The Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA) is the sectors' regulator. The Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC), a government owned company, provides fixed lines. Two private companies, Mascom Wireless and Vista Cellular provide mobile services. Very little research on the telecommunication sector in Botswana has been conducted. This study tries to help contribute to the understanding of the operations of the telecommunications sector in the country. A questionnaire approach was used to collect information in the report. Each of the above mentioned key telecommunications stakeholders was sent a questionnaire. The questionnaire was prepared by the World Bank and administered under the ambit of the Southern African Trade Research Network (SATRN). The rest of the study is organised as follows: Chapter 2 looks at the fixed line services; Chapter 3 deals with mobile services; Chapter 4 looks at Internet services; and, Chapter 5 provides conclusions.