Public Hearing on Industrial Policy

COSATU's submission to Parliament regarding the effect of the Department of Trade and Industry's industrial policy on the performance of manufacturing focuses specifically on:

  • an assessment of the content and sequencing of certain supply-side measures,
  • the role of institutions supporting industrial development,
  • present trends within the global economy, and
  • the need for improved enforcement of competition policy and more effective regulation of the industrial environment.

In order to deepen the Committee's understanding of the impact of government industrial policy measures on a wide range of sectors, COSATU has facilitated the participation of some of our manufacturing-based affiliates. Further, COSATU recommends that the Committee consider hosting a series of hearings on specific industrial sectors. While in this submission COSATU focuses on a broader assessment of industrial policy, in many instances it is too early to judge the specific effects of particular industrial policy measures. Nonetheless, this submission seeks to point out potential and actual weaknesses with policy measures, particularly insofar as they are likely to impact on employment levels. Submissions by COSATU affiliates focus on specific areas of concern regarding elements of restructuring in each of their industries represented in COSATU.

  • Authors: COSATU
  • Year: 1998
  • Organisation: COSATU
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