Trade and Industry

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Working Paper 4-2008: Balance of Payments dynamics, institutions and economic performance in South Africa: a policy-oriented study

  • Year: 2008
  • Organisation: TIPS
  • Author(s): Andreas Freytag

SAIIA and TIPS have collaborated on a project investigating balance of payment dynamics issues in South Africa.

Professor Andreas Freytag, who has a Chair of Economic Policy at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena in Germany, has been working with SAIIA and the University of Stellenbosch on the following research: 'Balance of Payments Dynamics, Institutions and Economic Performance in South Africa: A Policy Oriented Study'.

Professor Freytag has presented his preliminary results at an exciting workshop in Pretoria on 13 August 2008. The workshop served as a platform to discuss current issues and positions on South Africa's current balance of payment and on the links between macroeconomic and industrial themes. The presentations given at the workshop engaged a wide range of stakeholders (including the FES, National Treasury and the IMF).