Financial Sector

  • Year 2002
  • Author(s) Pieter Laubscher
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
This paper was inspired in the first place as the author observed extraordinary resilience in the domestic real economy in the wake of not only the world recessionary conditions of 2000/1 but also the dramatic slide of the currency towards the end of 2001. As possibly the first hard evidence of meaningful (structural)…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation TIPS; WITS
  • Author(s) Charles Okeahalam
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
The banking sector in South Africa is highly concentrated. When there is high concentration, it is necessary to examine the effects on efficiency and prices. In this paper, we discuss the fact that there are various types of efficiency in banking, and that high levels of concentration tend to reduce the overall level…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation TIPS
  • Author(s) Rosalind Mowatt
  • Countries and Regions Southern African Development Community (SADC)
The reform of the financial sector has been an important component of the structural adjustment programmes pursued by developing countries, whereby reform entails reducing government involvement, freeing up financial markets, and strengtheningfinancial institutions. In Southern Africa, however, the financial systems of most countries remain relatively underdeveloped, in spite of these reforms. The Southern…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Author(s) Melvin D. Ayogu
The Government of South Africa apparently is clear about its goals for the reform of public enterprises. In his 2001 Budget Speech (RSA, 2001a, p.1), the Minister of Public Enterprises explains ?restructuring? as the generic term taken to represent the set of strategies employed by the state to ensure that public enterprises in…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation University College London and Saïd Business School...
  • Author(s) Wendy Carlin;Colin Mayer
This paper examines the relation between the institutional structures of advanced OECD countries and the comparative growth and investment of 27 industries in those countries over the period 1970 to 1995. The underlying thesis that the paper examines is that there is a matching between the institutional structures of countries and the characteristics…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation Development Policy Research Unit, UCT
  • Author(s) Reza Daniels
This paper will evaluate the micro-finance sector in South Africa, its scope and development, and its role in the financial sector and the economy more generally. It is informed by the premise that households and institutions save and invest independently, and that the financial system's role is to intermediate between them and to…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation FEASibility (Pty) Ltd
  • Author(s) Penelope Hawkins
The South African financial sector, described here as the banking, insurance and securities industries, is a sophisticated enclave within widespread financial exclusion. The financial sector is generally regarded as stable and well regulated; indeed it is to the latter that the robustness of the sector has been attributed, in the wake of the…"

  • Year 2001
  • Author(s) Chandana Kularatne
The paper examines the impact of financial deepening on long run economic growth in South Africa over the period 1954-92. Two models are developed using the Johansen VECM structure. The first model investigates whether the financial system has a direct or indirect effect on per capita output via the investment rate. The second…"

  • Year 2001
  • Author(s) Jeffrey D. Lewis
This study is published by the World Bank in its informal series of Discussion Papers on the South African Economy. It draws on research supported by discussions and interaction with staff from a wide range of South African institutions. Since 1994, South Africa has made undeniable progress across a number of critical areas.…"

  • Year 1999
  • Organisation IDRC
  • Author(s) Trevor Bell; Greg Farrell; Rashad Cassim
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
The aim of this paper is to consider the relationship between competitiveness, international trade and financial factors in the South African economy. The term ‘competitiveness’ is used here in two closely related, but distinctly different, senses. One of these refers to a country’s ability ‘to realise central economic policy goals, especially growth in…"
Published in SADC Trade Development
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