The Just Transition: Insights into the Financial Roadmap

  • Date: Thursday, 25 November 2021
  • Venue: Zoom

Roadmap Overview and Context For Expert Papers (Sandy Lowitt, TIPS)
Presentation: Initial Framework of Social Indicators for Investments in a Just Transition - (Ed O'Keefe, Synergy Global Consulting)  
Research: Report: Initial Framework of Social Indicators for Investments in a Just Transition - (Ed O'Keefe et al, Synergy Global Consulting)

Presentation: Financial Stakeholder Communication, Awareness and Outreach - (Nicole Martens, Martens Impact Advisory)

Research Report: TIPS Just Transition Finance Roadmap Workstream: Communication, Awareness & Outreach - (Nicole Martens, Martens Impact Advisory)

Presentation: Insights for South africa's Just transition Finance Roadmap: Nexus of Project Needs and Financing Response - (Chantal Naidoo, Rabia Transitions Initiative)

Research Report: Insights for South Africa's Just transition Finance Roadmap: Nexus of Project Needs and Financing Response - (Chantal Naidoo, Rabia Transitions Initiative)

Presentation: Scaling Community JT Projects Towards a Just Transition (Fumani Mthembi, Knowledge Pele)

Research ReportScaling the Just Transition for Community-based and Community-placed projects - Fumani Mthembi (Knowledge Pele)


Press release: Financing the Just Transition puts a spotlight on financial institutions

Article: Ramaphosa to chair inter-Ministerial committee to oversee R131bn just transition offer (Terence Creamer, Engineering News 25 November 2021)

Article: Just Transition: SA's battle for green power accreditation (Thuletho Zwane, City Press 28 November 2021)


The roadmap towards financing a just transition seeks to make explicit the link between actions in the financial system and the realisation of broader national goals of sustainability and socio-economic development. The country’s roadmap will be a function of its national context and climate action ambitions, and aims to develop a long-term systemic plan to enhance the ability of the financial ecosystem to mainstream environmental, social, governance (ESG) factors; sustainable development goals (SDGs); and just transition goals into decision-making and capital allocation. In South Africa, an additional fundamental aim of the roadmap will be to mobilise offshore public sector funding and private local capital for such investment, given the limited fiscal space.
This seminar will discuss the bottom-up approach used in the research process, what could work within the current financial system, and where changes to the financial ecosystem are needed to effectively support a just transition. Research commissioned by TIPS will be presented on topics that help to unpack the finance roadmap and provide insights on scale and replicability of projects, financial instruments, social indicators, and corporate awareness, outreach and communication.