Annual Forum Papers

Political drivers of Africa's regional economic integration: Lessons from Maputo and North-South corridors

  • Year: 2015
  • Organisation: European Centre for Development Policy Management
  • Author(s): Bruce Byiers; Jan Vanheukelom
  • Countries and Regions: Mozambique

Session 9: A regional collabroation: Different approaches

There is long-standing, wide consensus on the need for greater economic connectedness in Africa. Despite the rhetoric and apparent policy consensus, implementation of related commitments lags seriously. The lack of progress towards the free movement between national markets of goods, services, people and capital is frequently blamed on a combination of lack of political will and lack of capacity. Yet, it is necessary to better understand what these twin deficiencies actually entail. This paper takes a politicaleconomy approach to regional integration to try and understand progress on regional economic integration.