Can the Doha Round Benefit Africa's Industrial Sector?

The present study is aimed at assisting African countries to formulate concrete proposals related to market access for non-agricultural commodities. Accordingly, we will endeavour to identify the most appropriate formulas for African countries - those that are apt to allow for greater liberalization of OECD countries markets while offering ample opportunity for African countries to develop their industries and to diversify their economies. In term of impact, our simulations confirm that a liberalization scenario based on an "ambitious" nonlinear formula, standard Girard would be a second best for the continent. It would enable to increase the wellbeing and production in African countries, but would not contribute to boost African exports.

  • Authors: Hakim Ben Hammouda, Stephen Karingi, Romain Perez and Mustapha Sadni-Jallab
  • Year: 2006
  • Organisation: Economic Commission for Africa
  • Publisher: UNDP
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