National Industrial Policy Framework

In order to contribute towards government's goals for 2014 '­and beyond ' the National Industrial Policy Framework (NIPF) vision for South Africa's industrialisation trajectory is: To facilitate diversification beyond our current reliance on traditional commodities and non-tradable services. This requires the promotion of increased value-addition per capita characterised particularly by movement into non-traditional tradable goods and services that compete in export markets as well as against imports. The long-term intensification of South Africa's industrialisation process and movement towards a knowledge economy. The' romotion of a more labour-absorbing industrialisation path with a particular emphasis on tradable labour-absorbing goods and services and economic linkages that catalyse employment creation. The promotion of a broader-based industrialisation path characterised by greater levels of participation of historically disadvantaged people and marginalised regions in the mainstream of the industrial economy. Contributing to industrial development on the African continent with a strong emphasis on building its productive capabilities.

  • Authors: The Department of Trade and Industry
  • Year: 2007
  • Organisation: DTI
  • Publisher: DTI
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